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Steel Profiles (European I Beams/ Wide Flange Columns/Channels/Bearing Piles..)
(such as HEA,HEB, HEM, IPE, IPN, UPN, UPE, HP etc)

We supply steel sections / profiles  acc to the EN/ASTM
Norms from stocks and rollings that the main grades are ;
S235JR+AR / M, S 235J2+ AR / M, S235J0+AR/M
S275JR+AR / M, S 275J2+ AR / M, S275J0+AR/M
S355JR+AR / M, S355J2+AR / M, S355J0+AR/M
ASTM A 572 Gr 50
16 Mo3

  • T-BARS

    T- bar is a component of the steel structure, which is the main element of modern warehouses, industrial structures, roof structures, power line crossings and sheds etc.

    Production as per EN 10055+DIN 1024
    Made of steel grade S235, S275, S 355
    according to PN-EN 10025-2 and other grades
    to be agreed upon.

    Length range:
    3000 mm – 15000 mm.
    From 20 mm upto 140 mm is possible.


    We supply flat bars, including Wide Flat Bars range as per the
    EN/ASTM/DIN/BS norms serving to construction, ship building, energy, automotive, machinery and transportation vehicle sectors.

    Our common stock and production range is ;
    Quality S235JR / S355J2 to EN 10025
    Flat bar 20 – 200 mm
    Thickness 5 – 25 mm
    whereas supply as per customer requirements from rolling is possible.


    We supply both from stocks and productions wide range of round bars , certified acc to.
    EN 10204 2.2 and/or 3.1

    • Steels for General Use of EN 10025 (S235/275/355 JR/J0/J2)
    • Steels for Quenching and Tempering acc. EN 10083-2, EN 10083-3
    • Steels for Case Hardening acc. EN 10084
    • (C10, C15, 16MnCr5, 20MnCr5, 36CrMn5 (UNI7845)
    • Micro-alloyed Steels (18MnV5, 20MnV6)
    • Free Cutting Steels acc. EN 10087(11SMn30/11SMn37)
    • Other Grades upon request.

          Structural Steel
          Carbons Steel
          Case Hardening Steel
          Heat Treated Steel
          Spring Steel
          Free Cutting Steel
          Tool Steel
          Stainless Steel



    The standrard stock of chromed bars consists of steel grades C45 or C45E or C45R and 20MnV6 in untreated delivery condition (+AR) and 42CrMo4 in quenched and temperd delivery condition (+QT).

    The solid bars subjected to chroming process are available in different delivery conditions in orde to obtain specific properties.

    Heat treatment consisting heating process followed by gradual cooling in controlled atmosphere. Thanks to this process the steel structure becomes more "refined" and improve its impact properties (perlitic structure).

    The surface of the steel bar is heated by electric induction followed by fast cooling. This process leads to a high surface hardness but also to fragility and low impact values (Martensite surface structure).

    Quenching process followed by tempering. This process leads to a good hardness and resistance and it reduces its fragility in comparsion to induction hardening (sorbite structure).

    Other Type of Bars at our Range

    Square Bars 14 x 14 mm - 100 x 100 mm
    EN 10059
    Hexagonal Bars 19 mm - 80 mm
    EN 10061


    Size Range

    Dimensional Tolerances

    Cold Drawn Round Bars

    5mm - 85mm


    Cold Drawn Square Bars

    6x6mm - 80x80mm


    Cold Drawn Flat Bars

    20x5mm - 200 x 20mm


    Cold Drawn Hexagonal Bars

    10mm - 70mm



    Size Range

    Dimensional Tolerances


    20mm - 75mm



    16mm - 140mm



    Size Range and Dimensional Tolerances for bright steel bars are according to EN 10278 standards.

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